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Fuzzy Eagle goes Åland!

Thank you Tyyni X! Great disc golf week in Sipoo. It was nice to see all those smiling players and staff wearing Fuzzy Eagle shirts. Ou yeah, they looked cool! We hope to deliver to you also next year and many years after that...

Now it is our time to look ahead and to another great disc golf event, Åland Open. It takes place in Åland all week 24.7-29.7. Our tent you will find at Vesterkalmare DGP Thursday-Saturday, where PDGA EURO TOUR #7 is played. Come and visit us, and get yourself some good looking disc golf gear.

We had a chance to talk to the organizer of the event, Mats Adamczak. Awesome guy who has worked so hard to make this all possible.

Hi Mats, tell us what is Åland Open?

"The Åland Open is our first attempt to make an international big tournament in Disc golf and with a clear aim that within a few years we will be one of the world's leading tournaments. The background to everything is to market Åland as a disc golf destination of unique proportions."

Yes sir! We’ve been here couple of times throwing and we can tell that this is the true paradise for disc golfer. So no doubt this place will be known by every disc golfer in the world in couple of years. We, Fuzzy Eagle, are delivering shirts for staff and players and also for public. Why did you partner with us?

"One of the founders of Fuzzy Eagle (Mikko) has been involved in various ways since the start of Åland Disc Golf Islands and thus I have understood and respect his approach to Disc golf and how he handles everything from service to creativity. I simply have great faith in what he delivers."

You have had chance to test Fuzzy Eagle shirts, how do you like their quality and is it comfortable in use?

"I have tested it in oppressive heat and must say the material is both light and has a cooling effect when playing."

How has the cooperation with Fuzzy Eagle gone?

"Quick service and they have understood well what I wanted to achieve in terms of the message we want to give our players with our clothes and give a feeling of quality and stylish clothes."

Your greetings to other disc golf clubs and players?

"My greeting is that I hope you either have the opportunity to come to Åland and play on some of our 17 courses or why not come to the Åland Open which is on the busiest week of the whole year and watch top disc golf during the day and rock on the evenings."

This will be nice. Rockoff festival in Mariehamn Torget 21-29.7 and Disc Golf in Soltuna and Versterkalmare DGP:s 24.7-29.7 We will see you there! Thank you Mats!

    "Thanks guys, see you in couple of weeks!"

    Fuzzy Eagle delivers some good looking gear to Åland Open.

    Contact us if you're interested in co-operation. 

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