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Fuzzy Eagle's collaboration with Calle Bäckman

Crafting a unique identity on the disc golf course

At the Åland Open 2023, Fuzzy Eagle had the pleasure of meeting Calle Bäckman, a Swedish disc golfer with a vision for his apparel for next season. After purchasing one of our shirts, Calle approached us, initiating a conversation about creating a custom-designed shirt integrating his sponsors' logos into our products. At Fuzzy Eagle, we pride ourselves on offering more than just printing services; we provide premium design services and a platform for athletes to develop a unique visual identity. We assured Calle that the final design would be premium, embodying his ideas and highlighting his brand.

Our collaboration was a thoughtful exchange of ideas, focusing on Calle's preference for a design that stood out as a signature piece rather than just another logo-stamped shirt. He wanted his shirt to be unique, premium, and professional.

Considering Calle's feedback, we crafted a clean-looking shirt in black and white and another that featured his favourite colors — pink and black. Upon reviewing the first draft, Calle suggested that the CB logo should be more in focus and that we should adjust the contrast of the patterns to enhance the design's elegance. We immediately addressed his request, showcasing our commitment to creating a design that met his exact standards.

Sponsor logos are blurred and will be revealed later.

Sponsor logos will be added to the final design before production.

The partnership with Calle Bäckman is a testament to Fuzzy Eagle's dedication to delivering high-quality, customized disc golf apparel. Our interaction with Calle has been a rewarding journey emphasizing the importance of athlete input in creating a product that truly represents them.

Fuzzy Eagle remains committed to working with athletes and teams who seek a distinguished look that matches the excellence of their play. 

Reach out to us, and let's create your signature disc golf apparel together.

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