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Fuzzy Eagle x Elias Luukkonen

Elias Luukkonen, the 1016 rated young Finnish disc golf talent is the first member in Fuzzy Eagle's Rockstar team.

Fuzzy Eagle is the premium clothing brand for disc golfers. Together with Elias we will design a competition outfit for this season according to his needs and wishes.

We had a chance to discuss with the rockstar himself.

Hi Elias, tell us something that we don't know about you?
"I admire successful entrepreneurs. I love and respect being in charge of my own future success."

How has your off season been so far?
"Good! The beginning was a little bumpy with some illnesses I had, but now I have found a great rhythm to practice."

What are your goals for this year?
"My goal is to solidify myself as one of the top disc golfers in Finland, as well as in Europe."

When will you start your season?
"Belgian Open, 3rd of May!"

You have now signed a one-year contract with Fuzzy Eagle. Describe your feelings?
"I am feeling grateful to Fuzzy Eagle for this unique relationship we have. This is the type of sponsorship that I see as highly beneficial in establishing a great brand in disc golf, both as a player but hopefully also as a public figure."

Fuzzy Eagle will design your own clothing line up together with you. Any kind of sneak peek what kind of design is coming yet?
"We have a great vision for what's to come, it has something to do with pandas. Whatever we end up publishing, I will make sure that it resonates with me."

Which one is stronger, an eagle or a panda?

Why did you decide to partner up with Fuzzy Eagle?
"Their offer was unique and something that I found very useful. I feel like we had a great relationship from the start."

You have had a chance to test some Fuzzy Eagle shirts earlier, how do you like the quality and are they comfortable to use for a professional player?
"The quality, from what I have felt, is top notch. The fit is great for disc golf, and even if problems arise, I am confident we can make the changes necessary."

We have one proposal for you and your fans. How would this sound: Every eagle you will make in a competition this year, Fuzzy Eagle will raffle a 50€ gift card within their Instagram followers.
"Sounds great, though I cannot guarantee any raffles!"

Thank you, Elias, for your time. Fuzzy Eagle is really wishing you great success this year.
"Thanks to yourself and the team at Fuzzy Eagle, I am looking forward to a great year together!"

Designed by Elias Luukkonen shirts will be available for fans later this year at You can show your support to Elias by getting one.

Fuzzy Eagle remains committed to working with athletes and teams who seek a distinguished look that matches the excellence of their play.

Interested? Reach out to us, and let's create your signature disc golf apparel together.

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