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Introducing Fuzzy Eagle's Ambassador team - Calle Bäckman

Calle Bäckman from Sweden joins Fuzzy Eagle's Ambassador team.

Fuzzy Eagle is a premium clothing brand for disc golfers. We have already partnered with Calle to create his signature Disc Golf shirt according to his needs and wishes for this season, so inviting him to the team felt like a natural next step.

We had a chance to discuss with the Ambassador himself.

Hi Calle, tell us something that we don't know about you.
"Before Disc Golf, I used to brew a lot of beer; it was a great passion of mine and the reason for me moving to Gothenburg in Sweden, where I found and fell in love with Disc Golf and the rest is, as they say, history."

How has your off-season been so far?
"So far, I have had a lot of rest. I can't remember the last time I had a break like this, but it's quite nice. I had eye surgery in the autumn of 2023, so the 2024 season will be my first disc golf season with two eyes. It's a weird feeling, and my head and body need time to readjust."

What are your goals for this year?
"My goal for this year is to grow the sport in Gothenburg through our club and get into the TD role more. Competition-wise, I will focus on the more significant amateur events in Sweden. It would also be nice to place top 10 or better in the Swedish Amateur Championships this year."

When will you start your season?
"The start will probably be in late April."

You have now joined the Fuzzy Eagle ambassador team. Could you describe your feelings?
"It's an honor to be associated with a brand that stands out for its quality and resonates deeply with my passion for disc golf. Being an ambassador is more than just representing a brand; it's about embodying the spirit and values that Fuzzy Eagle upholds. I am eager to work collaboratively with the Fuzzy Eagle team to develop products that enhance performance and resonate with the disc golf community."

Why did you decide to partner up with Fuzzy Eagle?
"Ever since we met at the Åland Open, I have been impressed by the quality. I enjoyed the collaboration process when designing my signature shirt, which made me curious and eager to participate in this adventure."

You have tested some Fuzzy Eagle shirts earlier; how do you like the quality, and are they comfortable to use?
"The quality is outstanding, and using apparel specifically designed for disc golfers is always exciting!"

Thank you, Calle, for your time. Fuzzy Eagle is wishing you great success this year.
"Thank you. I look forward to the season and all the cool things we can accomplish together."

Fuzzy Eagle remains committed to working with athletes and teams who seek a distinguished look that matches the excellence of their play.

Interested? Reach out to us, and let's create your signature disc golf apparel together.

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